Annual Care

Landscaping Services

Woodlawn provides all lots with the general care to preserve and maintain the cemetery at no charge. Lot owners can contract with the cemetery to provide the following services for improvements to the grounds:

  • Regrade and Sod or Seed – remove turf, spread new topsoil, sod or seed, fertilize and water as necessary
  • Border Plantings – begonias, ivy, or pachysandra planted and watered
  • Trees and Bushes – ornamental shrubs and trees are planted, watered, and guaranteed for one year

Seasonal decorations

Lot owners can pay the cemetery to place the following floral tributes:

  • Spring – potted lilies, hyacinths, or tulips
  • Fall – potted chrysanthemums
  • Winter – pine wreaths

Temporary Decorations

Lot owners and visitors are welcome to bring floral decorations and other mementos to the cemetery. Decorations are removed when they are worn down, infringe on neighboring property, or cause damage to the memorial.

Memorial Foundations

Lot owners are required to contract with the cemetery for the construction of foundations for monuments and mausoleums. For foundation prices and approval procedures, ask your monument company to contact our administration department.


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